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The kitty a discussion because thinking that taking supplements is going to get you to where you want to be where you're not going to get the rest your diet and Jack is the biggest pipe dream out there and people that want to make you think that that's possible are the biggest scum bags out there and we know we've seen that don't take don't take myself if you’re not committed to following a proper nutrition plan I mean a healthy nutrition plan doesn't have to be perfect talk about to burst are having a commitment to eating better because you truly are will you be if you got picas at all there’s a limitation you there are but if the guys were watching my videos like most people are out there they’re close like I've been there in 20 percent by that range maybe they look good in the right light but they you know they when they're the you know letter all other they don't look so good you can start really fine tuning in helping your cell their supplementation because it makes the job of getting attrition right that much easier it allows the consistency that needed to see results over time from your trip yeah that's the biggest part about supplementation so pre-workout my feeling after work certainly not hear these guys are out for the rest of the way there's not another recommended for that here in the teenage years yes we know athletes especially if they’re going to take pre workout just be careful about a pre-workout educated I have my I showed you my tapping our swan we went to great lengths to make sure that we did not include any other banned substances we work furs approval for sport because we don't want to subject yourself to any the scrutiny that comes from putting bad substances in our products just like the videos I did on a about 13 got to love me we're at it from the very beginning whenever we knew that was a bad and relieve the burden we stay away from it some manufactures have not some have replaced it with new dangers ingredients and a willing to do whatever it takes to get you to take that and you let your heart your father your chest we on the other hand go for a lot more witnesses say energy.

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